Log in 

When you're logged in, you will be in your 'Dashboard'.

Click on Store Management 

This is the 4th option on the left-hand side menu.

Click on Products 

This is the 4th item on the left-hand side menu

Click on +New Product 

Click on “+ New Product” (Top, Right-hand side)
A menu will pop up which will allow you to complete the next step

Fill out the Required Fields. 

Enter the new product’s information and click Save Changes.

The following fields are required when adding a new product: 

Name – Name of the Product; 16oz Sprite Caffeine Free - Can

Department – Select from the list of Departments that have been created for this store.

SKU – Any 4-digit number can do so long as it has not already been used by the store. However, if it has a bar code, you should use that SKU (scan or type it in)

Unit Retail Price – The selling cost of the product.

Here are additional fields that you can use and their meaning:

Modifier – For items sold in multiple groupings or sizes but using the same SKU. Example: A single beer, a 6 pack of that same beer or a half case or full case (12 or 24 pack); all of those items could potentially have the same SKU so the product modifier is there to help differentiate.

Show Advanced –Change to Yes to view Advanced setting on the product.

Pricing – There are 5 pricing modes:

o Automatic (Cost + Margin) Mode

▪ All prices are shown at cost and then the POS calculates the % Margin programmed

in by the operator.

o Automatic (SRP) Mode

▪ All prices are shown at the Suggested Retail Price (SRP)

o Direct (Unit) Mode

▪ All prices are shown at the price specified on this menu (standard)

o Direct (Item Calculator) Mode

▪ Manually enter cost and % profit wanted and the price will be calculated

o Direct (Case Calculator) Mode

▪ Manually enter cost of case and now many units come in a case. POS will calculate

unit cost. Example: Case of 24 water bottles cost $4.99. $4.99 divided by 24 equals

.20 unit cost

Unit Retail Price 

Note, if you have multiple stores set up on your account, when setting the price of an item, you have the option to assign different prices by store. 

To do this, see the following steps;

  1. For this option to become available, you must first select Yes from the Show Advanced menu.

2. Then, scroll down to the Pricing field. Click on the drop down menu. You will be able to see all stores associated with your account. 

3. Select the appropriate option and enter the corresponding price. 

Save changes and continue to the next step in the process.

Send Transmission  

To finalize the process, send a Point of Sale Transmission (POS Transmission) 

How to Send POS Transmission :  http://support.petrooutlet.com/en/articles/3520104-how-to-send-point-of-sale-transmissions

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