Products within a store’s inventory fit into or are classified by certain categories. Those categories are referred to by the Super Sonic POS as Departments. Follow these steps to create a Department:

Click on Store Management 

Click on Store Management (This is the 4th Option on the Left-Hand Side menu) 

Click on Departments 

Select Departments from the menu (Left-Hand Side)  

Click on +New Department  

Click on the +New Department icon (Located top, right-hand side) 

New Department form fills and their meaning /standard answer.

Note this configuration page is subject to change and updates.

A. Name – Name of the Department, such as Grocery Tax, Grocery Non-Tax, Tobacco

B. Active – For nearly all departments, Select Yes. It can be inactivated later if required.

C. Returnable – Can this product be returned? For most products the answer is Yes.

D. Negative – This is for a negative dollar transaction like a lottery payout or a vendor payout.

E. Prohib. Manual – For departments that must be scanned. Cannot by typed in.

F. Disallow Credit – This will only allow cash or PIN Debit sales. No credit cards may be used.

(Example: Lottery, Lotto, Cashback)

G. Food Stampable – Only set to YES if EVERY product in this department is EBT eligible.

H. Is Tippable – Will tipping be available

I. Fractional Quantity – This will only be used for departments that are sold based on weight.

(Example: Produce, Meat)

J. Open Pricing – Typically No but some items will qualify as variably priced

K. Print to Kitchen – For sending orders to the kitchen printer. Yes = auto print to kitchen. No = Prompt to select printer

L. Single Price – For use in a dual price system such as EDGE. Even under a dual price system

however, if an item is being paid for with EBT, it will be single price.

M. Minimum Age – For Products with age requirements. Alcoholic beverages are minimum age 21.

Tobacco products can be minimum age of either 18 or 21 depending upon state. When the item is

scanned, a prompt will appear on the register to ask for ID.

N. Is Fuel – for all products that are not fuel the answer is No

O. Is Lottery Scratch – Yes or no. Only use for lottery scratch tickets, not Lotto (Powerball, Mega

Millions etc.)

P. Is Not Found – If yes is selected, the POS will create a report of all items scanned but not saved to

the price book.

Q. Is Money Order – for all products that are not money orders the answer is No

R. Not Inside Sales – Anything that is not a standard merchandize purchase. (Example: Fuel, Lottery,

Money Order)

S. Print Prods on Paper – Changing this to YES will print every item in this department on the closing


T. Cash Redemption Value (CRV) - When California residents purchase beverages they pay a deposit on eligible packaging. Likewise, if they turn in eligible packaging, they receive a CRV refund (either in cash or credit on a transaction). Beverages eligible for CRV refunds are packaged in aluminum, glass, plastic and bi-metal. Milk, wine and distilled spirits, which are not included in the CRV program.

U. Minimum Manual Price – Always, set to .01

V. Maximum Manual Price – Always, set to 1000

W. Payments Systems Code – General Merchandise (#400) Always use this. Never use any other code.

X. Tax Strategy –It is possible to set up to 3 different tax levels.

NOTE: Regarding TAX structures, merchants are responsible to know the rules and laws regarding

their tax liabilities with and regarding their location and differing products. Agent and Installers are

not Tax consultants.

Save & Finalize Changes 

Click Save Changes

Finalize by sending POS Transmission 

Send POS Transmission  

Send POS Transmission to complete the update. 

How to Send POS Transmission :

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