Store Management 

Click on Store Management (This is the 4th item on the left-hand side menu) 


Click on Promotions 

Create Promotional Product List 

This is the first step to creating a promotion. In order to create a Mix & Match or Combination Promotion, you must first have a list created. This list is the base of all promotions. You will be pulling data from this list for your promotions. 

  1. Click on +New Promotional Product Lists

2.  Fill in the information and click save changes. 

The highlighted fields must be filled out:

Type of List
All Products in a Tag OR Add Products by Name or SKU

Mix & Match Promotion 

Once your Promotional Product list has been created, you can proceed to create a Mix & Match Promotion. 

Click on +New Mix & Match Promotion 

A menu will pop up which will allow you to input information regarding your promotion. 

Fill in the Promotion Information 

Here you will fill out the following fields: 

Promotion Name - Name of your promotion 

List to Apply Promotion to - Here you will select a promotion list that you created previously (See above: Create Promotional Product List) 

Start of Promotion - This is the date the promotion begins 

End of Promotion - This is the date the promotion ends 

Weekday Availability  - Days the promotion is active 

Price Break 

After entering the information for your promotion, you will scroll to the bottom to complete the final step;  Price Break 

Price Break - A price break is a reduction in price depending on the quantity you purchase. 

Click on the +  icon 

There are three (3) fields in this section that require your attention: 

Units to Qualify
Type of Reward
New Price 

Units to Qualify: Number of items that must be purchased in order  to qualify for the price break 

Type of Reward: There are two (2) discount formations on this menu (% off or $ amount off)

New Price : This is the new discounted price 

Save Changes 

Once you have filled out the information regarding your promotion, click Save Changes to apply. 

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