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How to Manage Product Inventory
How to Manage Product Inventory
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Inventory & Financials 

From your dashboard, click on Inventory & Financials (This is the 4th item on the menu) 

Vendors & Invoices 

This is the 1st item on the left-hand side menu 

Click on +New Adjustment/Invoice/Credit 

Click on the +New Adjustment/Invoice/Credit icon (This is located at the top, right-hand side) 

Select Vendor & Store 

Here you will select the name of the Vendor and the Store the inventory is associated with

Add Line 

To begin adding inventory, click on the +Line icon.

Enter Product Information 

In the UPC field, scan or manually enter the product’s barcode 

Fill out the following information:

Name - Name of the Product
UPC - Universal Product Code (Barcode)
Quantity - Amount available
Units/Case - Units/Cases per item
Cost - Cost of the Item
SRP - Suggested Retail Price
Expires at - This is the date the product expires 

Save Changes

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