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How to Manage Lottery Inventory
How to Manage Lottery Inventory
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Inventory & Financials 

From your dashboard, click on Inventory & Financials 

Received Books 

There are three tabs in this section 

  1. The first tab (Received Books) is the introductory stage. This is where you will scan all new books into the system.  


Click on the +Button icon 

Fill in the Information 

Enter information for the following fields: 

Book Barcode
Pack ID 

Save Changes 

Click on Activated Books 

Click on the tab labeled Activate Books.

This is the second step in the process. Here your “Received Book” will appear. 

New Shift Report 

Click on +New Shift Report (Top, Right Hand) 

Scan Books 

Here you will scan your book(s) 

Click in field highlighted “Lottery Barcode” and start scanning the barcode(s) 

Click on Settle to Balance Inventory

This is the final step in the Lottery Inventory process. 

Under the Activated Books tab, click on +New Shift Report 

Once the menu pops up, locate the book you would like to settle and click on Settle to complete. 

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