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How to Set Up Tank Level Sensor
How to Set Up Tank Level Sensor
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Veeder-Root, we will set this up and enable it as long as long as you're on our Business Plan. Here are the prerequisites:

TLS = Tank Level Sensor AKA ATG = Automatic Tank Gauge

There are two kinds of TLS integrations:

  • Direct - Our system communicates directly with the TLS/ATG.

  • Indirect/Proxied - Our system pulls the data indirectly through the POS system.

If the site had a non-Veeder-Root TLS/ATG, then you MUST do Indirect/Proxied. This is done by:

  • Adding a Serial Card to the TLS/ATG (may already be there)

  • Running a Serial cable over RJ45 to the POS system.

  • Configuring the POS system to pull from the TLS/ATG.

  • After the above,  let support know and we can tell our system to begin pulling the data from the POS.

If the site has a Veeder-Root TLS/ATG and wants direct:

  • Benefits of Direct:

  • More accurate data

  • Delivery tracking

  • Auto-alarm shutoff

  • Alarm/alert/warning recording


  • Ensure the site had a Veeder-Root on a minimum of Software revision 15 or later (21 or later preferred) - if not you will need a Veeder-Root tech to come and upgrade the Veeder-Root software

  • Install a TCP/IP card on the Veeder-Root (we can come out and do this for the site or you can have a tech come out, we charge a flat fee of $500 for install & the card - if site is over 100 miles from Stuart, FL add cost of a plane ticket)

  • Contact our support and let us know the new IP address so we can begin pulling

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