Click on Store Management 

From your dashboard, click on Store Management. This will take you to your products page (Product List)

Click on + New Product 

Click on the +New Product button

If your product already exist and you would like to make the changes, you can search for the product by SKU or Name and complete the same steps. 

In this section, we will be adding a new product and walking you through the process from there. 

Fill in Information 

Enter the product’s information. Required fields are as follows: 




Click on Show Advanced 

Here is where you will access the feature that allows you to set multiple prices by store. 

For the option to become available, you must first select Yes from the Show Advanced menu.


Scroll down to the Pricing field. Click on the drop down menu. This will allow you to see all stores associated with your account. 

 Select the appropriate option and enter the corresponding price. 

Save changes and continue to the next step in the process.

Send POS Transmission

In order for this change to go into effect, you must complete a POS transmission. 

How to send a POS Transmission :

Reset Pricing 

If you have assigned a price to a specific store and you would like a revert these changes, click on the Reset button to the right to complete this action. 

Notice in Blue 

If you have assigned multiple prices to a product, a message will appear above indicating this. 

If these changes are reverted, the message will be removed. 

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