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How to Install Petro Outlet Rewards (Loyalty) on VeriFone Systems
How to Install Petro Outlet Rewards (Loyalty) on VeriFone Systems

The Petro Outlet Loyalty installation guide for the VeriFone Commander/Ruby 2/Ruby CI/Topaz Systems

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This guide assumes you are fully set up on the Petro Outlet Platform and running our BackOffice.

If that doesn't sound like you, or you have any issues at all during this setup guide please contact our team at 1-800-791-8324 - we would be glad to assist and even do it for you.

For VeriFone Commander Platform

Configuring the Commander

  • Open up your C-Store Configuration Client, typically this is accessible at "". (see below).

  • If that doesn't work and you don't know the address you can view your address in the Petro Outlet Connector's Settings (see below).

  • Please make sure to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

  • NOTE: while this could be done directly on the POS (Ruby 2/Topaz) we highly recommend doing this on a computer so that you don't pause operation of the site while configuring

  • Login using your "manager" username w/ the password you are currently using for the manager account.

  • Open "Payment Controller" > "POS Configuration" & make the following changes: Auth on Total: Checked, Loyalty Enabled: Checked (see below):

  • Open "Payment Controller" > "EPS Configuration" > "EPS Global Configuration" & make the following changes: Enable Alternate ID: Checked, Use Long Text for Indoor Prompts: Checked (see below):

  • Open "Payment Controller" > "EPS Configuration" > "PCATS01 Loyalty Configuration" - if PCATS01 is unavailable, use the next available/empty configuration slot & match the settings in the image below - make sure to read the notes in the image:

  • NOTE: If you have an MNSP (Managed Network Services Provider) - for example, a new Cybera/SC325, Mako, Hughes Fortigate box (& more) by the register - you will need to call us to get special configurations completed and for us to communicate to the MNSP the installation.

  • Specifically, we will have them open port 9000 and provide a firewall route to your PC (we may also have to change your PC address, there are a lot of variations, so it's good to call for this)

Configuring the Viper/EPS Card Table

  • Open "Payment Controller" > "EPS Configuration" > "Loyalty Card Configuration", we will add two new card entries to the Commander so that we can get the Loyalty IDs to recognize and send to us

  • First the card-table entry for US phone numbers, press "Add"

  • Please match the settings below (under "Card Information") exactly before hitting "Save" (in the corner underneath the "EPS Configuration" Popover in the picture below:

  • Second, the card-table entry for our Petro Outlet white-labeled gift & loyalty cards, press "Add"

  • Please match the settings below (under "Card Information") exactly before hitting "Save" (in the corner just outside this view):

That's It!

You should have successfully configured Petro Outlet Loyalty for the VeriFone Commander Platform!

Additional Step Petro Outlet Rewards Program for Gas Stations (APP PROGRAM)

First, the add-on flag will need to be checked under settings and the store will have to configure their loyalty promotion amount. EX. $1 + !000 pts.

For Gas Stations with Commander, we will need to add the following card under loyalty card configuration to be able to do the Points Redemption.


As per usual, if you have any questions feel free to:

  • Chat: With the smiling icon in the bottom right

  • Call: +1-800-791-8324

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