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How to Install Petro Outlet Rewards (Loyalty) on Gilbarco Passport
How to Install Petro Outlet Rewards (Loyalty) on Gilbarco Passport
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Application Summary:

Petro Outlet Rewards comes in two sets/forms:

  • The standard “Scan Data” form. This is 99% of installs and just a single promotion where if the consumer enters any valid 10-digit US phone-number, is purchasing eligible Tobacco products, is the valid-time of year and have a valid subscription with us, they will receive a simple line-item discount.

  • The other form is out “White-Label” form which can be any-customized program they chose configurable from our Back-Office platform.

The system works through the on-site computer and relays everything to our master host where all configuration happens. If host is online, the on-site computer is not a problem and it is a bug with us, if host is offline, then the on-site computer or on-site network is offline and needs to be corrected.

More technical explanation:
The loyalty server is installed locally & holds all state/communicates with Passport.

However, there is a central loyalty host which translates the JSONified NAXML transaction into JSON instructions for each transaction (discount line 1, $1 off transaction, prepay, etc.) & sends that to the local host (the network bastion) to translate into the Connexxus Loyalty message and communicate it to the passport.

You will need to access the manager workstation as youve done when enabling the BackOffice Interface.

From the POS screen Select More and then Tools you will need the merchant to enter their operator ID.


Click on the manager station, you may need to enter the operator ID again to access it.


Next go to Setup then Store as shown below.


Select Loyalty Interface

Copy down the settings exactly how you see them here except the IP address which is supposed to be the static IP of your back office computer.


  1. We typically use on-site BackOffice Windows PCs – we require the site use our BackOffice for Loyalty to work. Loyalty will not work without the BackOffice already running.

  2. We may in some cases (for enterprise customers) provide a “Connect Box” – this is a PC we manage from our end and simply needs to be plugged in.

General Troubleshooting FAQ:

  1. First try restarting the Back-Office PC or Connector PC – just once.

  2. Is the Petro Outlet website pulling transactions & up-to-date? Does the “Connector” software on the desktop show “All Systems Online”?

  3. Is Loyalty Host Online on the Passport? If so, this is an issue with us and we would need to resolve. If not, there is a connectivity issue (like a recent MNSP/EMV upgrade)

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