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Importing Price-books from CSV
Importing Price-books from CSV

We make it easy to import price-books from competing systems and help to migrate to our SuperSonic POS easily from any-system!

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You can easily import your price books from other Point-of-Sale systems by using our Pricebook-import tool available at any time within Petro Outlet.

Preparing the File

First, the file samples:

For best results, please do not change the headers from the sample file.

Some notes on the file spec, the files have the following headers with the following restrictions/notes:

Column Name

What it is

Example & Is Required


The Name of a product in your pricebook. Capped at 40 characters, if you go over the system will ignore the rest of the name.

1-2-3 Vegetable Oil 12.4Oz

Required: Yes


The UPC for the product. Preferably:

  • Expanded/Padded to 14-digits (GTIN-14)

  • Includes check-digit

  • UPC-E converted to UPC-A

While these are ideals and will improve the results of the import. Petro Outlet will try to clean up the barcodes and convert/adjust automagically on the upload. Results will degrade from conversion.


Required: Yes


This is part of the unique key that makes a "SKU" in our system. Typically this is 0, which represents the base-item. However, if you have 2 versions/variants of products that you wish to show at check-out you can increase this number incrementally to add more variants

Typically 0


Very Commonly, 0 for Single Can, 1 for 6-Packs, 2 for 12-Packs, 3 for 18-packs ONLY when all share the same barcode.

Required: Yes


The Department of a product in your pricebook. Capped at 30 characters. If the department doesn't exist and the "Create Departments" flag is set at import, the department will be created.


Required: Yes

Retail Price

The price of a product in your pricebook. This is ideally in $'s without the dollar symbol, number only.

If the pricebook is in cents, you can have the importer auto-convert with the "Convert Cents to Dollars" flag.


Required: Yes

Taxable Override

Can be any of the below, case-insensitive:

  • y

  • n

  • true

  • false

  • Blank

If blank, the product will rely solely on the settings of the department.

The columns must still be in the CSV file header.


Required: No

Foodstampable Override

Same as Taxable Override

Required: No

Fractional Override

Same as Taxable Override

Required: No


Not case sensitive. separate multiple tags for products with ","

Required: No

Linked SKU

For CRV etc..

Required: No

Importing the File:

1. Visit the Pricebook Importer in Store Management > Products > The Gear Icon in the Top-Right > Import from CSV:

2. Configure the processing options. accordingly, for the file you are importing, the processing options MUST be set prior to opening the file. The Import options are good to set ahead of time as well but can be delayed.

3. You will then get some statistics on the file, as well as the first 10 products previewed from the file to see if these processing options give you a good import result. If you like the result go ahead and press import, if not adjust the settings re-import using the file-picker, and try again. Please note we will ignore duplicate products (defined as a product with the same UPC & Modifier combination aka SKU).

4. Press "Import to Pricebook" and wait a moment, this can take a couple of minutes for very large price-books at peak load. Do not navigate away during import. The page should reload upon completion and you should see the pricebook.

That's it!

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