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Installing & Connecting Cameras
Installing & Connecting Cameras

How to install and connect cameras to Petro Outlet

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  1. PoE Injector (w/ 12v 1A Power Supply) or PoE Switch

  2. Reolink IP Camera

  3. Smart-Phone

  4. Windows PC that is always on-site (Back-Office Computer)

Heads Up!

  • If your site does not yet have a Windows Backoffice PC with Petro Outlet Connector installed & configured correctly, you will need to follow the appropriate guide:

Petro Outlet Connector Installation for Gilbarco Passport

Petro Outlet Connector Installation for VeriFone Commander

Petro Outlet Connector Installation for SuperSonic POS

Part 1 - Installing the Camera

  1. Unbox the Camera

  2. Unbox the PoE Switch

  3. Plug one Ethernet/Cat 5 cable into the PoE Switch

  4. Plug the other end into the store's Cellular modem/main & most stable/direct internet source (NOT the Cybera, Mako, Hughes, Accumera, or EdgeRouter for the POS)

  5. Plug another cable into the switch on one end and the other end into the camera - the camera will now power on

  6. The owner's smartphone should have the "Reolink" app installed onto it from the App Store

  7. Press the "+" icon in the top-right when you open the app

  8. Scan the QR code on the camera

  9. The Camera should auto-pair to the app - you will now be asked to set a password - set anything you like, something easy like "admin123" - you will need this for later

  10. Once the camera has been initialized, open up the camera on the Reolink app and adjust the camera angle to the desired angle

  11. Once the angle is good, press the gear on the camera list screen for the camera

  12. Then press the Camera Name/Model - typically "RLC-520"

  13. Then press "Network Status"

  14. You will see the IP Address on the page, it is needed for the next step along with the admin password you set earlier

Part 2 - Configuring the Camera

This phase is extremely sensitive to the ordering of the steps.


  1. On a Windows PC in a modern browser (Google Chrome/Firefox/Microsoft Edge) visit the IP address of the camera - you will see the below:

2. Open up the "Settings" for the camera

3. Change the Display Settings below - Particularly:

  • "Camera Name" to None

  • "Watermark" to False/Off

4. Change the "Network" configuration so that the Camera has a Static IP Address

  • Open the Network Configuration page

  • Expand "Network Status" using the dropdown arrow

  • Press "Set Up"

  • Change Connection Type to "Static" from "DHCP" (see the second screenshot)

(On newer batch of Reolink cameras, make sure to enable RTSP)

  • Network > Port Settings (Setup) > RTSP (Turn this on)

5. Change the first part of the "Stream" settings

  • Change Resolution to "2304x1296"

  • This will cause a restart & the error "Failed - Network error: Request Timeout", please wait for one-minute then refresh the page, log in again and go back to the same Stream settings

6. Change the second part of Stream Settings now that the system has restarted, please match these settings exactly - if all stream settings are not set correctly you risk crashing the entire network and/or the back-office PC via overload of video data.

  • Set Frame-rate to 12 FPS

  • Set Max Bitrate to 3072kbps (if this causes network issues you can lower it to 2048kbps)

7. Audio and Light settings (enable Audio) - please do this even if you do not want audio on the final recording

  • Audio recording does not occur unless Petro Outlet also turns on the flag from the back-end.

8. You have now configured the Camera, the next step is to connect the camera to our Back-Office.

Part 3 - Connecting the Camera to Petro Outlet

  1. Visit Petro Outlet > Store Management > Registers

2. Press the register you want to attach the camera to's name:

3. Press the "Add Camera" button and enter the Camera Name & RTSP stream URL for your camera - it is typically of the following form:


  • After you enter the RTSP Url press "Save"

4. That should be it!

Important notes on Camera Functionality:

  • Once you save the camera the Back-Office PC should begin recording within 2 minutes.

  • It will then take an additional 3 minutes for the PC to have built its backlog and transmitted at least one minute of footage.

  • Video footage will always be at least 2 minutes delayed (for SuperSonic) - up to 15 minutes if this is a Petro Integration.

  • Please ensure the Windows PC, Camera & POS all have the exact same time / are within 10 seconds of one another.

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