How to Change your Password
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There are two ways to change your password, depending on your status (Standard User w/ Permissions or Administrator)

Standard User & Permissions

  1. Click on Profile Icon

This is located in the top-right of your screen.

2. Go to Settings

From the drop down menu, select Settings

3. Click on Privacy & Settings

Scroll down to the Privacy & Security section

4. Update Password

Here you will enter the following:

  • Current Password

  • New Password

5. Save Changes

Click on Save Changes

This step completes the action, your password has been updated.

Administrator Password Change

In addition to the steps above, this is an alternative way to change your password. However, this option is only available to Administrators

  1. Click on User Management

2. Select the User

Select the user profile that you would like to make the change for.

3. Update Password

Enter your new password in the field labeled "Reset Password to.."

4. Save Changes

Click Save Changes

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