1. Click on Reports

From your dashboard, click on Reports. This is the 2nd option on the menu to the left of your screen.

2. Select Department Report

From there, click on Department Report from the pop out menu

3. Set Parameters

In order to generate a report, there are two conditions you must adjust here:

  • Change Selected Stores

If you have multiple stores connected to your Petro Outlet system, you can generate a single report that combines the data or you can pull individual reports for each store.

Multi-Store Report

Click on Change Selected Stores and select all stores from the list.

Single-Store Report

Click on Change Selected Stores and select the specific store that you would like to run a report for.

4. Change Reporting Period

Once you have selected the store (s), it’s time to choose the Reporting Period. You can choose between cashier shifts or by a custom time range.

Cashier Shifts

5. Report Overview

Once you have set your parameters and ran the report, the requested data will display in your browser. Here is what will appear:

  • Graphs

Graphs are a visual representation of the stats for each department. You can click on categories to add/remove.

Graph information can be viewed in two states:

Overall or Hourly Performance

  • To the right of the screen is a summary of three factors based on your search criteria:

Products Sold


Number of Departments

Tags that appear here are based on your selections. You can manually adjust these. Your on-screen stats will update accordingly.



Manually Rung-up

Lastly, at the bottom of the page, a portion of the report generated is shown

The following information is included:

Department Name

Department Code

Quantity Sold

Amount Sold

6. Download Full Report

You can access the complete version of this report by clicking on Export to CSV.

The report will be downloaded in CSV (Excel) format.

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