1. Click on Reports

From the pop-out menu on the left, select Reports. This is the 2nd option.

2. Click on Not Found SKUs Report

Click on Not Found SKUs Report. This is the 6th option on the menu

3. Notice in Blue

Please note the message in Blue. If you are not using the required systems, contact us and we’ll assist you.

If you are using VeriFone POS systems (Commander/CI/Ruby 2/Topaz), proceed to the next steps.

4. Set Parameters

  • Change Selected Store (s)

If you have multiple stores connected to your platform, you can generate a report that combines data for all of them or you can run reports for each store, individually.

Multi-Store Report

Single-Store Report

  • Reporting Period

Here you can set the time frame for the data on your report. You can choose between periods set by cashier shifts or by a custom time range.

Cashier Shifts

Custom Period

You can customize your report further by setting the specific Date & Time, therefore pulling more precise data.

5. Run Report

Once you have set the above conditions, you’re ready to run the report.

6. Not Found SKU List

The report displays the following Information

  • Sku

  • Transaction Count

  • Cheapest Price

  • Highest Price

  • Average Price

  • Median Price

  • Create

7. Add a SKU (Create)

You can add SKUs from the list to your system.

To do so, click on Create

A menu will pop-up where you will enter the Product’s information.

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