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How to Enter & Manage Invoices by Vendor
How to Enter & Manage Invoices by Vendor
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  1. Inventory & Financials

Select Inventory & Financials from the menu on the left

2. Invoices by Vendor

From the pop-out menu, click on Invoices by Vendor

3. Change Selected Stores

If you have multiple stores connected to your Petro Outlet platform, you can view Invoices for all stores by setting your filters accordingly or you can view invoices for each store, individually.

  • Multi-Store Report

Select all stores on the list

  • Single-Store Report

Select the specific store from the list

4. Vendor List

Once you have set your parameters, the information will display under “Vendor List”

We'll walk you through several actions that can be completed in this section:

  • Update name of Vendor

You can click on each vendor on the list to update the name

  • Adjustments - Any modifications made to an existing Vendor/Invoice/Credit Memo will appear under this tab.

  • Invoices/Credit Memos

Invoices & Credit Memos for each vendor on the left will appear under the Invoices/Credit Memos tab to the right

5. Edit an Existing Invoice

To make changes to an existing invoice, locate the Vendor from the list and click on the corresponding Invoice/Credit Memo tab to the right.

You can make changes to the following fields or add a line item (+Line)

6. Add New Vendor

You can add a new vendor to the system by clicking on the “+New Vendor” icon.

Enter the name of the vendor and click Save Changes

6. Add New Adjustment/Invoice/Credit

Here you can complete the following actions:

  • Make a change to an invoice (Adjustments)

  • Add a new Invoice

  • Create a Credit Memo

New Invoice/Credit Memo

The first step is to set the store the action will be applied to:

Next, fill in the following information

Finalized - Selecting this confirms the information entered is accurate and you’re ready to proceed

Dump SKUS - This feature allows you to “bulk add” SKUS to be adjusted

+Line - This feature lets you to add a line item to the invoice

A table will drop, proceed to fill in the information for the product

Print Check - Print a copy of the invoice

Save Changes

Click Save Change to finalize any changes made here

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