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How to Enter & Manage Invoices by Date
How to Enter & Manage Invoices by Date
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  1. Inventory & Financials

Select Inventory & Financials from main menu to the left

2. Invoices by Date

From the pop-out menu, click on Invoice by Date

3. Change Selected Stores

If you have multiple stores connected to your Petro Outlet system, you can select all the stores to view a combined list of invoices or you can view invoices individually by store

  • Multi-Store List

Individual List

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4. Invoice List Overview

Once you have selected the store(s), the information will generate in your browser under the label “Invoice List”

The following information will display:

  • Date

  • Store

  • Vendor

  • Type

  • Total

  • Finalized

5. Edit an Invoice

To make a change to an existing invoice, select the Invoice from the list.

Note - User must have “Reconciliation Permission” in order to make changes here

Adjustments can be made to the following fields:

View the PDF - If you originally uploaded a scanned copy of the invoice, you can view it here

Dump SKUs- You can “bulk add” SKUs to the Invoice to edit

+Line - Manually add SKUs to the invoice

Print Check - Print a copy of the invoice

Click on Save Changes to finalize any adjustments made

5. Add New Invoice

To add a New Invoice, click on +New Invoice

The first step is to select the store the Invoice pertains to.

After setting the store, fill in the following information:

Finalized - This confirms the information entered is correct and you’re ready to proceed

+Line - This allows you to add a line item to your Invoice

A table will drop, fill in the product information

Print Check - Allows you to print a copy of the Check

Save Changes

Click save changes to complete the action

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