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Cigarette & Inventory Counts
Cigarette & Inventory Counts
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  1. Click on Inventory & Financials

From your dashboard, click on Reports. This is the 2nd option on the menu to the left of your screen.

2. Cigarette & Inventory Counts

From the pop-out menu, click on Cig. & Inventory Counts

3. Change Selected Stores

You can generate a report to view a current list of all Cigarettes & Inventory counts conducted.

If you have multiple stores connected to your Petro Outlet system, you can request a single report that combines the data or you can pull individual reports by store.


Select all stores from the menu


Select the specific store from the list

4. Cigarette and Inventory Counts List

After setting the above conditions, the report will generate.

Your report will display the following information:

  • Date - When the Inventory scan was added

  • Store - Which store the inventory was added to (An option if you have multiple stores connected to your system)

  • Whole Store - Once selected, updated inventory count will overwrite current

  • Completed By - Name of the person the inventory scan was entered by

  • Verified - Ready to Proceed

Screen Shot 2021-05-09 at 12.13.53 AM

5. +New Cigarette & Inventory Counts

In this section, we’ll walk you through the steps to conducting Inventory Counts for product(s)

Click on +New Cigarette & Inventory Counts

Select Store

In order to begin, you must select a store. The updated inventory will be applied to this entity.

Select the store from the drop down menu:

Enter the following data:

  • Inventory Date - This is the date the count is being processed, this will automatically populate but can be manually adjusted

  • Completed By - Name of the individual conducting the count

  • Whole Store - This confirms overwriting the current inventory count

  • Verified - This confirms the action you are about to perform

  • Notes

  • Search for Product - Here you can find a specific item from the list of items added.

CSV Inventory File

You can bulk upload a product list. Select “Choose File” to do so.

Click on hyperlink labeled “ INSTRUCTIONS” to view the style format required for uploads.

Download Data

Once you have completed your Inventory update, you may download a full copy of the report for your records.

To do so, click on Download Data as CSV

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