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Shortages & Overages
Shortages & Overages
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  1. Inventory & Financials

Click on Inventory & Financials

2. Short & Over

From the pop-out menu, select Short & Over

3. Change Selected Stores

If you have multiple stores connected to your Petro Outlet system, you have the option to view a combined list of the Shifts or individually by store.

Multi-Store Report

Single-Store Report

4. Shift List

The following information will populate:


Time Out

End Time


Over & Shortage

5. Reconcile

Here you can confirm all accounts are consistent and complete.

This information is based on your search criteria ( Store(s) & Reporting Period)

Received Income - Amount the system shows was received for the period

Remitted - Amount remitted by Cashier at close of shift

Overage - Amount reconciliation shows is Over (Or Short)

+Misc Income

Manually enter additional charge/expense

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