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How to Setup DYMO Shelving Label Printer
How to Setup DYMO Shelving Label Printer
Written by David Ozenne
Updated over a week ago


  1. Get the correct Printer & Labels:

      1. These are the labels to use for the 450 Printer:

      2. DYMO 30334 label (the 4 series)

    1. NOTE: DYMO 550 Turbo Label Writer Printer & other Dymo Printers may require you to use the official DYMO Labels

  2. Plug in the Dymo printer to a system via USB/Power follow instructions given to set up the label in the printer

  3. Download the Dymo Software - MAC & Windows options are available.

  4. Open Dymo Software and select the print header/printer/configure things

  5. Print a Test label from the Dymo software to make sure it is working properly

  6. Open the Dymo Web Software. This must always run in the background and you can check by clicking on the arrow button on the bottom right in Windows)

  7. On the Petro Outlet website, select the product you want and click "print label"

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