Store Management

Click on Store Management (This is the 3rd item on the left-hand side menu)

Click on Products

This is the 4th item on the left-hand side menu

Click on "+ New Product"

Click on “+ New Product” (Top, Right-hand side)
A menu will pop up which will allow you to complete the next step

Fill out the Required Fields

Enter the new product's information.

The following fields are required when adding the product:

  • Name

  • Department

  • SKU

  • Unit Retail Price

IMPORTANT: Please Read the below notes on how to answer "SKU" & "Retail Price"!


The SKU for a price per pound product will be the first 5 leading non-zero digits within the barcode. In this example the SKU would be 403.

Unit Retail Price

The Unit Retail Price will be the price per pound of the product.

For VeriFone Commander Only

Commander wants a Check-Digit for weighted barcodes - what does this mean?

When you make a weighted product, you must press the "Calculate Check Digit" button after typing the SKU (for the example above, the SKU is 403) in to add a special number in at the end of the barcode so that VeriFone systems understand the barcode.

You need 2 copies of the PLU if you have Passport at the same site/account (one with the check-digit for Commander and one without for Passport)

SuperSonic POS can work with either one - with or without check digit we will match it because we try both barcodes at the time of scan

Shift Price-Embedded Barcode Flag

This flag is only available on SuperSonic POS (for weighted items where the barcode has a price component of over $99.99 - you need to shift the barcode price-embedded section - this takes away one PLU digit and gives it to the Price section).

Go into the Store Management tab and then Registers. Find your register and hit configure on the right. look for the flag on the bottom.

All POS systems to Petro Outlet (Gilbarco/Commander/SuperSonic ) only support Price-Embedded - NOT weight-embedded.

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