Barcodes that start with 4

A 12 digit barcode that starts with 4 is an entire block of barcodes that is reserved for a store chain to use internally - manufacturers are not allowed to use them on products for public sale (outside of the chain).

I recommend the following way to make custom barcodes for your store - it is the official way to do it and will work on any POS system in the world:

  • Make a new product w/ normal settings (Name/Department/Price) - but for the barcode:

  • Start w/ a 4

  • Pick a sequential number (i.e. Brownie Bites would be say #1 internally)

  • Pad the barcode to that number up to 11 digits (so same example, Brownie Bites would be 40000000001)

  • Press the "Add Check-Digit" button for the system to auto-calculate a check-digit and complete the barcode.

  • Your final barcode (for this example) would be: 400000000015

If you followed the above instructions, your barcode when printed will scan on any POS system (including the Passport - not just the Commander) as long as you add it to the price-book.

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