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Petro Outlet Connector Installation for SuperSonic POS
Petro Outlet Connector Installation for SuperSonic POS
Written by David Ozenne
Updated over a week ago

Click on Profile Icon

Click on your profile icon (This is located in the top right-hand corner)

Click on Settings

Select Settings from the drop-down menu

Scroll to Company & Store Information

Scroll down the Settings page until you locate the Company & Store Information section.

Download Connector

Click on the Download Connector button.

The download will appear at the bottom left.

Click on the download to continue.

When the next screen appears, click on more info then Run anyway.

The Petro Outlet Connector Setup screen will appear. Press next at the bottom of the setup.

Next press I agree to continue.

Click finish to close the Setup.

The connector will appear as shown below.

Go to Options then Setup.

The account access key is the token you get from Go back to settings then Company & Store Information. Click edit by your store.

Next copy the connector token that is listed.

Paste the token in the account access key section then click save. In a few seconds it will connect and say all systems online.

Allow connector through the firewall

Type firewall and network protection in the search bar. Then select it as shown below.

Then select "Allow an app through firewall", after that press Change settings.

Next click on "Allow another app..."

Click on "Browse", "This PC" then "Windows (C):" Drive

Select "Program Files (x86) then scroll until you see the Petro Outlet Connector folder. Click service once your in the folder.

Click on the "connector.exe" then press open. After that click the add button.

Look for the "node.js: Server-side JavaScript" and make sure both private and public are checked then press ok as shown below. The connector is now allowed through the firewall.

That's It!

You should have successfully setup the connector for SuperSonic POS!

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