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How to setup Kitchen Printer (for SuperSonic POS)
How to setup Kitchen Printer (for SuperSonic POS)

This guide will help set-up a Kitchen printer.

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If ordered, a second printer with the proper IP configuration ( will be provided. It's important ensure the additional printer is connected to ensure full communication with the SuperSonic POS system.

Unlike a standard SuperSonic POS printer, a kitchen printer will only have 2 connections instead of 3. One will be the power cable, providing power to the printer, and the other connection will be the ethernet cable to the router and/or switch. Refer to picture reference 3.

Exact configuration varies with available ports:

Router to Printer. Refer to picture reference 1

Router to Switch to Printer. Refer to picture reference 2

Note: A switch is used if there aren't any available ports on the router or more are needed.

Reference 1

Reference 2

Reference 3

Reference 4 (Note: this reference pic doesn't have the power cable plugged in, be sure to provide power to the router with it.)

Be sure the ethernet cables are properly connected to ensure full communication.

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