In Store Management, under Registers.

Select Menu Management at the top of the page.

On the top right, find the + New Menu button.

The Menu Editor page should open. In the Name text box, write the name of the menu you. Example: Food. Using the Menu Type dropdown bar:

  1. Single Select menu is for a menu where you will choose only a single product from

  2. Multi Select Menu is for a menu where you will like the option of choosing more than 1 product (Ex. Mods, Toppings, Extras, etc..)

  3. Menu Chain is for grouping menus together for a customizable menu item. (Ex. Combos.)

Scrolls down to see two buttons on bottom right hand side, Product button and Unused button.

Select the Product button and drag it to up the desire location on the unused button table. Once dropped into place, a menu should appear.

In the Configure Button menu, go to the Select a Product text box and write the name of the product on the product list to be part of the menu. Optional: change the color of the button.

Repeat the previous two steps to add more products to the menu. Once all the desired products are in the menu, select the Save Changes button.

Now that you have created your Menu we will add it to our Register. Go to your Register List and locate your Register and click Configure.

You will be brought to your Touch Screen Configuration screen. Drag and Drop a Menu button to any of the unused gray buttons. Click Save Button and you will now see that Menu Button has been added to your POS Touchscreen

When you have finished adding your menus and configuring your POS Touchscreen Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes. This will now transmit all Touch Screen Changes directly to your Super Sonic POS.

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