To implement check-cashing fees a new department has to be created. Under Store Management, go to Departments. Find the + New Department button on the top right and select it.

In the new menu that appears, name the department Check Cashing Fees and then set the proper flags. The Min and Max price can be set to ensure the fee never goes below or exceeds a certain amount.


Under Store Management, go to Products. Find the + New Product button on the top right.

In the new menu that appears, name it the amount of the fee you want to take out. Example $1 Fee or $2 Fee.

Place it in the correct department, set the SKU then set the price to the amount the fee is taking out. Select saves changes.

NOTE: Create another product to create another fee with a different amount.

Be sure to change the register configuration to add the new buttons onto your SuperSonic POS.

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