First you will need to create a new department in the stores back office

Label it as Not Found SKUs and under the "Is Not Found" Tab choose yes. Click Save Changes

In your department list look for this newly created Department and find its Department code. Remember this number or write it down for the next few steps.

Remote into the stores back office PC/Laptop and log into their C-Store account using the Petro Outlet user

Note: You will need to generate a OTP to save changes so you will need to call the store and ask an employee to generate a OTP (4 digits) from their POS. You simply ask the employee to go to their Verifone POS select CSR Functions> Maintenance> Config OTP. The OTP will give us the ability to access their configurations and to save any changes we make.

In Store Management we have to go into "Sales" and find "PLU not found department" highlight it then place the department code into where it says " Value". Save Changes and you're all set.

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