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Setting up a store for the Altria ODA Program
Setting up a store for the Altria ODA Program

Learn how to get your store signed up w/ Marlboro to get digital coupons on our loyalty platform for your store.

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Prerequisites/Requirements to participate:

  • You must be an existing Petro Outlet customer

  • You must have an active Scan Data contract/be reporting Scan Data to IRI on your behalf for Altria's Scan Data programs

  • You must have an active API Consent form in place for our system to pull your Scan Data Buy-downs, Max Pricing, Multi-Pack offers & Loyalty offers.

  • You must have an active Altria ODA Consent form in place for our system to list you in the app below

    • NOTE For Altria Reps: The email we use for communication to our scan data team is [email protected] - for the ODA Consent & API Consent forms when you pick "Petro Outlet / SuperSonic" from the third-party drop-down it should auto-populate our API/3rd Party credential email of "[email protected]" - this is the email that must populate on the consent forms for them to take effect. Consent forms typically take 3-5 business days to take effect after signing in InsightsC3M.

    • If you have trouble with any of the above, feel free to call us at 800-791-8324 Option 2 during our normal business hours, or leave us a message using the smiling chat-box in the bottom right corner, or in the "Support" section of the "Settings" page of the Petro Outlet phone app.

By following the above, a customer is automatically enrolled in SuperSonic Rewards for our Tier 2 Loyalty platform which allows the store to use the ODA.

Tier 3 will be added in the future as an add-on to subscriptions, Tier 2 is included in the current Professional plan or higher subscription w/ Scan Data and will not have any additional charges.

Steps to use the ODA Program / Redeem ODA Coupons:

This is the process for how a consumer/21+ customer would actually redeem rewards on the SuperSonic Rewards app for the ODA.

  1. Download the SuperSonic Rewards app from the Apple App Store and/or Google Play Store:

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    2. .

  2. Login/Signup to the app by entering your phone # as a customer & typing in the password that is texted to you

    1. If you have never used the app before/do not have an account, by entering the phone number you automatically create an account.

    2. .

  3. You would now see a list of stores that you have visited and typed your phone number in before. If you have never typed your phone number in at a store, it will not show. Only stores you have visited will appear below:

    1. NOTE: You may be asked for Geo-Location permissions & tracking permissions. These are used to help guide you to the nearest store and enable easier ODA redemption by finding the closest store to you.

    2. .

  4. You can press on any store in the list to view the store. You press the "Offers" button in the bottom-right corner to view the offers available.

    1. There will be miscellaneous information in the store's page such as points for a complete point/loyalty program and more. Please note Petro Outlet's complete loyalty platform is an add-on and subject to an extra monthly charge. The ODA however is included in our platform's pricing.

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  5. Press "21+ Only Consumers" & Confirm you are over 21 by pressing "Yes" - You are now able to select the Altria Operating Company/Brand you would like to use to receive a coupon for. You will have to enter there site by pressing on the brand and follow their rules & policies once you press the button. Our app will provide as much information as possible to simplify the process, but ultimately they will handle the issuing of the coupon for you.

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Thank you!

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